Thematic day on viral vectors

17 May 2019

ICM, La Pitié Salpêtrière, PARIS


We hope you enjoyed this day you can find a short summary of the day here and are looking forward to welcoming you to our next meeting in Lyon.  

Full programme 

The theme day will be organised at the Brain & Spine Institute in Paris

ICM - Hôpital Pitié Salpêtrière
47, bd de l'hôpital
75013 PARIS - France
Phone : +33 (0)1 57 27 40 00


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Be exposed to the entire breadth of the gene therapy research field. Learning about the advances and breakthroughs in other focuses of study can translate to new approaches for your own lab’s work that you may not think to explore without this exposure. SFTCG is the best place to gain a broad perspective on the field.

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Present your work to an audience. Attendees who present at SFTCG’s meeting receive excellent exposure for their work and their lab.


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Abstracts can be submitted once your congress registration is complete; you will be able to submit your abstract as part of the congress registration process.

Delegates must be registered for the congress prior to submitting an abstracts. Registrations must be paid for based on the general payment guidelines for all registrations; however those submitting abstracts can avail of a full refund should their abstract not be selected for presentation and the delegate no longer wish to attend the congress.

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There are many hotels near the venue, this is a list with a few of the many possible places to stay in walking distance

Villa Lutèce Port Royal - 10 minutes walk
Hotel Mercure Paris Bercy Bibliothèque - 15 minutes walk
Hotel Saint Marcel - 15 minutes walk
Grand hotel des Gobelins - 10 minutes walk
Hotel Ibis Place d'Italie - 15 minutes walk 
Jack's Hotel - 15 minutes walk
Citadines Austerlitz Paris - 10 Minutes walk

Etc etc etc...

Accommodation near the venue

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Audio-visual equipment

Please check your presentation into the meeting room during the break before your talk. It is also a good idea to bring a backup flash memory stick in the unlikely event of equipment failure.

There will be PowerPoint facilities in all Congress rooms - if you require any equipment aside from this please let us know. If you use PowerPoint slides, you are asked to ensure that the font size is large enough to be seen from the back of the room. A PowerPoint slide, for example, would normally contain a maximum of 8 lines of type in 24pt size or larger. Try to keep visual aids simple and to use them to highlight only the major points of your discussion.

AV technicians will be available each day so that presentations pre-loaded on Congress laptops may be viewed by speakers and they will be on hand to sort out any formatting issues should they arise. Speakers should inform AV technicians of special AV equipment needs BEFORE the session begins. Please be aware if you use MAC software you will need to supply your own laptop so please check this in with technicians during the break before your presentation.


All presentations must be made in English. Whilst all the Congress lecterns have microphones, you should speak loudly, slowly and clearly enough so that everyone can hear and understand you

The audience should be able to comprehend and recall the key points of your talk. Use visual aids during your presentation, clarify or emphasize key ideas and details and increase audience recall of presented information. Your presentation is designed to inform and instruct. You are also encouraged to use colour and graphics, use light text on a dark background in dark rooms.

Speaker etiquette

Each year our delegates feedback to us how important it is for the sessions to run on time. Sessions that overrun have a detrimental impact on all aspects of the congress so please carefully note the amount of time you have been allocated for your talk and ensure that you rehearse to these timings. Please note that your allocated time includes question time which, as you know, is an essential part of the congress.

Delegate attendance is based on the advertised programme; therefore it is imperative to follow the session structure of the Congress programme. The title of your presentation and your affiliation will be taken directly from your abstract.

Your presentation should not have been presented at any other event, unless it contains new information and has been adapted for the audience.

Please avoid misusing the Congress platform to promote or sell your company and its products or services. Corporate speakers should introduce their company briefly and provide relevant background information but please move to the focus of the session quickly. Speakers from the corporate sector must not have branding on presentational material, and will need to declare any conflicts of interests at the outset of the session. Universities and hospitals will be allowed to have branded logos on the front page of their presentations only.

Speaker and Chair Responsibilities

All speakers and Chairs should check in at the registration desk upon arrival at the Congress. Access to the Congress will only be granted with a registration badge which you should collect from the registration desk upon arrival.

Please arrive at the room approximately 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the session. Speakers should check-in with the Session Chair before session begins.

Expenses Reimbursement Guidelines

Thank you for being part of our annual congress, as specialists in your field you are vital in ensuring the relevancy and quality of our annual programme.

As such we aim to cover your travel and accommodation costs as the congress is inclusive of meals and refreshments during the main days and the accommodation is inclusive of breakfast, meals are generally not covered, as well as entertainment costs. You will be able to upgrade your room at your own cost, we will cover the standard room for yourself only, as well as economy class only for all travel.

The expense reimbursement form will be emailed to you after the congress. Funds will be processed in EURO and sent via bank transfer, and depending on when your form is received can take between 2-4 weeks to be processed and reach your account.

If you are representing a company, it is assumed that your company will be covering your costs in full to attend the congress and you will not be submitting an expenses claim.

Please send any questions regarding this process to

In the event that you cannot attend the Congress

We appreciate that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes result in you not being able to deliver your session. Under these circumstances we hope that you would be able to find a replacement speaker, and inform the Local Organising Committee and session Chairperson in good time so they are able to step in where necessary. We in turn ask that delegates arrive promptly for sessions and respect the speakers, chairs and data that is being presented.

Finally, we appreciate your involvement and the organisers welcome all feedback on any aspect of the Congress.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Gaëlle Jamar  if you do have any questions.
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Registration rates

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Student 50 € 110 €
Academic 110 € 200 €
Industry 275 € 450€