9:30 Registration open welcome coffee

Session 1: From virus to vector?
- Els Verhoeyen: Turning HIV into a therapeutic vector?
Eduard Ayuso: Converting adeno-associated viruses into therapeutic drugs
- Karim Benihoud: Vaccine strategies based on adenovirus-derived vectors

4 x oral presentations (5')

12:20 Lunch + Posters
13:30 Session 2: Engineering research application?

- Philippe Mangeot: Lentiviral applications in general and for gene editing (CRISPR/CAS9)?
- Deniz Dalkara: AAV vectors: design and applications in the retina
- Pascal Fender: TBC

4 x oral presentations (5')

15:20 Coffee break

Session 3: Clinical applications

- Paula Rio: Update on the Fanconi Anemia clinical trial
- Federico Mingozzi: Gene transfer for Pompe disease,
turning the liver into a depot for acid alpha-glucosidase

- Kerry Fisher: Clinical applications of replicating gene delivery vectors?

4 x oral presentations (5')

17:35 Closing drink and posters