09:30 Registration, welcome coffee

Session 1: From virus to vector
INV01 Els Verhoeyen, University of Nice 
Turning HIV into a therapeutic vector
INV02 Eduard Ayuso, University of Nantes
Converting adeno-associated viruses into therapeutic drugs
INV03 Karim Benihoud, Institut Gustave Roussy, Paris
Vaccine strategies based on adenovirus-derived vectors

OR01 Youna Coquin,  Genethon, UMR_S951, Inserm, Univ Evry, Université Paris Saclay, EPHE
Lentiviral vectors pseudotyped with murine syncytins-A or -B transduce B cells in vitro and in vivo
OR02 Laura Muraine, Institut de Myologie, Paris
Transduction efficiency of AAV 1 to 10 serotypes after local intramuscular injection in mouse  
OR03 Julie Chassagne, Sorbonne Université UPMC Univ Paris 06
RFX1 and RFX3 transcription factors interact with the D Sequence of adeno-associated virus inverted terminal repeat and regulate AAV transduction

12:15 Lunch & posters
13:15 Session 2: Engineering research applications

INV04 Philippe Mangeot,  ENS Lyon
Genome editing in primary cells using viral-like particles loaded with Cas9-sgRNA ribonucleoproteins.
INV05 Deniz Dalkara, Institut de la Vision, Paris
AAV vectors: design and applications in the retina
INV06 Pascal Fender, Institut de Biologie Structurale, Grenoble
Adenovirus dodecahedron a Swiss knife to study viral tropism and beyond

OR04 Grégoire Culot, Université Bordeaux Segalen
CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing: molecular scissors a bit too sharp?
OR05 Guillaume Corre, Genethon, UMR_S951, Inserm, Univ Evry, Université Paris Saclay, EPHE
Induction of DNA methylation in CD34+ cells following lentiviral vector infection
OR06 Dominique Van Looveren, KU Leuven
Assessing functionality and potential of the next generation BET-independent integrase-CBX MLV vector for safer gene therapy
OR07 Karine Sii Felice, CEA, Paris
Enhanced transduction of Macaca fascicularis hematopoietic cells with chimeric lentiviral vectors

15:20 Coffee break

Session 3: Clinical applications

INV07 Paula Rio, CIEMAT Ciberer, Madrid
Update on the Fanconi anaemia clinical trial
INV08 Federico Mingozzi, Spark Therapeutics, Philadelphia
Gene transfer for Pompe disease, turning the liver into a depot for acid alpha-glucosidase
INV09 Kerry Fisher, University of Oxford
Clinical applications of replicating gene delivery vectors

OR09 David Dries, KU Leuven
Lentiviral vectors expressing CTNS rescue cystine content in cystinotic fibroblasts
OR08 Rebecca Xicluna, Université de Nantes
Characterization of anti-AAV viral pre-existing cellular immune responses in humans
OR10 Gaëlle Chaveau, Genethon, UMR_S951, Inserm, Univ Evry, Université Paris Saclay, EPHE
Subretinal injection of high dose of rAAV2/8 vector induces retinal alteration and systemic anti-transgene T-cell response, but no local massive immune infiltrate

17:40 Closing drinks, posters & awards