AFM- Téléthon call for projects on Bioproduction Breakthrough in Gene Therapy Technologies

AFM-Téléthon is pleased to announce the launching of its first international call for proposals for Research Projects on Bioproduction Breakthroughs in Gene Therapy Technologies. This call will open June 4th 2018 to any project aimed at initiating, optimizing or translating disruptive research toward large-scale production of gene therapy viral vectors (notably AAV, lentivirus...), with emphasis on vectors that can accommodate large transgenes. Projects will be evaluated in two steps. The first step will be for the applicant to declare its intention to apply (see “How to apply” below) before the evaluation of a detailed application. The deadline for such declaration is by latest July 6th 2018. Selected applicants will be informed on mid-September 2018 and will have until October 26th 2018 to complete their application. Final selection is expected to be announced by the end 2018/early 2019.

View the flyer with more information here or view the information on the AFM-Téléthon website.