Senior Researcher to Work in the Field of Gene Therapy and Non-Viral Vectors. Biomaterials Unit - San Sebastian


Job description

IK4-CIDETEC is seeking a senior researcher to work for the Biomaterials Unit to promote applied research projects in the field of non-viral vectors and their application in gene therapy. The researcher will lead a team focused on the development of new products and/or technologies for the pharmaceutical and tissue engineering areas and must have strong knowledge of the regulations and validation required in the field. The successful candidate must have a high research record (publications, professional network and/or patent), as well as knowledge and skills to obtain funding in competitive calls.


The researcher will join the Biomaterials Unit, leading the research line of drug delivery system for Gene Therapy. The candidate will lead both public funding projects and private research contracts with companies. He/She must be able to perform tasks simultaneously, optimizing resources and maximizing results.

The researcher will join a multidisciplinary team and actively contribute to achieving the goals set in the Specialization Plan while seeking synergies in the Unit, as well as

He/she will be in charge of designing and carrying out the synthesis and characterization of biomaterials in the field of bioencapsulation, performing polymerizations, particle synthesis, bioconjugation and characterization.

The Biomaterials Unit is currently developing specific applications for the use of an encapsulation technology for cosmetic applications. To this end, collaborations with other groups are currently under progress to bring the technology closer to market. In this sense the applicant must comply with deadlines and have the skills to work in a multidisciplinary environment.

The applicant will also take part in:

  • Bringing new ideas/concepts and carrying them out,
  • Generating new opportunities.
  • Writing research proposal to obtain public and private funds.
  • Motivating the research group.
  • Clear focus on product/market/results (deadlines, costs, time)
  • Ideal interaction with companies and leading centres.
  • Payback of the portfolio.
  • Fulfilling the objectives defined in the annual plans.
  • Continuous monitoring of the SoA / Market.



PhD in Organic Chemistry, PhD in Biochemistry, PhD in Celular Biology in the field of Gene Therapy. Knowledge of non-viral vectors and its characterization/validation is essential.


English: Fluent in speaking and writing.


Post-doctoral experience of at least 2 years and/or previous experience in industry (pharmaceutical and/or tissue engineering) are required.


The successful candidate must demonstrate a sound knowledge of:

  • Synthesis and characterization of non-viral vectors.
  • Cell culture expertise.
  • Characterization of cell interactions (cytotoxicity, transfection, PCR, western blot, ELISA…) with biomaterials.
  • Preclinical development of new therapies.
  • Knowledge in mechanism for cell internalization.
  • Knowledge in immunotherapies.
  • Knowledge in regulation of pharmaceutical products


A proactive and resolute person is required. He/She must also be a team player with clear planning and organizational skills, as well as being results oriented with a clear vision. In addition, he/she must know to work in a multidisciplinary team.