Genethon, located in Evry, France, is a non-profit R&D organization dedicated to the design and development of gene therapy treatments for rare genetic diseases from research to clinical validation. It was created by the AFM-Telethon (French Muscular Dystrophy Association) which is its main funding source. Genethon has multiple ongoing programs at clinical, preclinical and research stage for neuromuscular, blood, immune system, and liver diseases. Several of these programs are pursued by Genethon as sponsor, others have been licensed to leading biotech and pharma players in the gene therapy arena such as Audentes, Avexis/Novartis, Gensight Biologics, Orchard Therapeutics, Spark. Genethon was awarded the “Prix Galien France” in 2012.

Plasmid Factory

PlasmidFactory GmbH & Co. KG is a globally active biopharmaceutical company, founded in Bielefeld, Germany, in 2000. As a leading contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for plasmid and minicircle DNA, it has a strong customer base in the fields of cancer research, gene and cell therapy, CAR-T-cell development, and vaccination. PlasmidFactory produces plasmids and minicircles according to customer's requirements in modern laboratories with high quality standards. In addition to its In Stock products, e.g. for the worldwide exclusively offered pDG/pDP AAV 2-plasmid-system, and custom manufacturing of plasmid and minicircle DNA, PlasmidFactory focuses its R&D efforts on its core competencies in the production, analysis, application, and storage of DNA.


Genetrix, constitutes a group of biotech companies that develop and commercialize innovative products in the following markets: - Tools to amplify, repair and sequence DNA, which are essential for the main Molecular Biology techniques used in the lab and playa key role in the up-and-coming Personalized Medicine field. - Cell therapy, based on adult stem cells,which has proved to have enormous potential to tackle diseases that currently do not have established therapeutic treatment, such as myocardial infarction, rheumatoid arthritis o Parkinson’s disease. The Genetrix Group structure has been designed to: Transform academic results into: - Innovative sanitary products and services - Molecular Biology tools with global market potential Focus on high value investments, with the support of relevant industrial and financial partners for every project.

Sigma Aldrich

A reliable, single-source research partner providing high-quality reagents, technologies and industry-leading service to the life science and high technology markets. Scientific knowledge, innovation, high quality products and reliable delivery that support consistent, predictable results and save researchers time, are our strenght. The Company operates in 35 countries and sales in 160 countries whose objective is to provide excellent service worldwide. Global solutions for research and manufacturing customers, with our brands : · Sigma® Life Science : kits and reagents including genomics, functional genomics, proteomics and cell biology. · Aldrich® Chemistry : organic and inorganic chemicals, building blocks, reagents, advanced materials and stable isotopes. · Fluka® Analytical : Chemicals and reagents for analytical, organic and biochemical and pharmaceutical research and industries. · Supelco® Analytical : Chromatography columns and related tools. · SAFC®: Customized services and manufacturing.


AFM (French Muscular Dystrophy Association) has a single objective: to defeat neuromuscular diseases, which are devastating muscle-wasting diseases. Created in 1958 by a group of patients and their families, and recognised as being of public utility in 1976, it has set itself two missions: curing neuromuscular diseases and reducing the disabilities they cause.


Universal Nanotaxi® for Vaccines, Antibodies and Gene Therapies
In-Cell-Art is a French biopharmaceutical firm founded by a research team including Jean-Marie Lehn, a Nobel laureate and is specialized in nanocarriers called Nanotaxi® for intracellular delivery of macromolecules such as DNA, RNA and protein for development of innovative drugs.


GenoSafe is a CRO providing analytical testing services under GLP, GMP and GCP compliance. We help our clients through their drug development process by caring out the laboratory evaluation of the quality, safety and efficacy of their innovative products (AAV, Lentivirus, Retrovirus, CAR-T cell, Stem Cells). Working for the leaders in Gene and Cell therapy, GenoSafe has been involved in immunogenicity studies, biodistribution-biodissemination studies and manufactured batches characterization. Our proudest achievement was to be able to assist our clients from preclinical research to clinical studies and Quality Control testing. We have a customizable approach with our clients, using our expertise to set up the right method testing on their product that will go all the way through the Drug Application


Lonza offers world-class technology platforms in the areas of GMP cell culture and viral-based therapeutic manufacturing, custom bio-therapeutic culture media, a large selection of primary and stem cells and a full line of custom bioassays. Our extensive experience in cell therapy process optimisation and scale-up innovation helps clients to safely and effectively advance their products through all phases of the commercial pipeline and maximise their return on investment. Our new viral-based therapeutics group provides viral vaccine manufacturing as well as viral vector mediated gene therapies. Our staff can design, develop and implement a manufacturing process that meets your autologous or allogeneic therapeutic applications.

cellular dynamics

Cellular Dynamics International, a FUJIFILM company, develops and manufactures biologically relevant human cells derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Our iCell® and donor-specific MyCell® Products are highly pure, highly reproducible, and available in industrial quantity to enable drug discovery, toxicity testing, stem cell banking, and cell therapy development.

Univercell Biosolutions

Human cell models: a breakthrough in clinical prediction and industrial productivity

As a pioneering biotech company, Univercell-Biosolutions has coupled the potential of human hiPS with cellular reprogramming and directed differentiation technologies. Together these innovations yield purified populations of specific human cell types (cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells, beta cells) for drug-discovery applications. Univercell-Biosolutions has developed Mesopure® to provide a pure (>99%) population of cardiovascular progenitors as well as a pure population of Nkx2.5+ cardiac populations and quiescent ventricular cardiomyocytes .

Univercell-Biosolutions works with clinicians, academics and industry leaders to develop next-generation homogeneous, mature, functional and differentiated human cells with physiological characteristics closely matching those of adult differentiated cells in vivo.

Univercell-Biosolutions’ goals are to accelerate the discovery of new therapeutics and to reduce the drug failure rate in clinical trials.