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Hélène Nègre

Servier, Paris

Helene NEGRE, PharmD, PhD, developed her expertise in Cell & Gene Therapy CMC through more than 20 years of experience in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMPs). Initially, she worked at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital (AP-HP) in the Biotherapy department (Pr. Klatzmann). In 2014, she joined Dana Farber Cancer Institute (Boston) and worked for 5 years as technical Director of the Novel Cell therapy team in the Cell Manipulation Core Facility (Pr. Ritz). Since 2019, she works at Servier and is now Scientific Director - Biotechnology and Bioproduction and the EFPIA project leader for the IMI program T2Evolve on engineered T cells.


We are very pleased to finally launch the European survey related to analytical controls of engineered T-cells.

To ensure the best success, quality and representativity of survey’s results, we count on your participation to fill and share this survey through your network.

Anyone involved in the field of engineered T-cells (academic, private, hospital, industry, CRO, CMO, etc.) can answer the survey and help us picturing current practices


(before April 13th)

Passphrase to enter the survey :


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